In the pixelated haze of the digital age,
You clicked with hope, but met with dismay,
The link seemed right, your path so clear,
But "404" is all that's here.

No glitz, no glam, just empty space,
An empty void, a vast disgrace.
You searched for knowledge, design and fame,
But "Page Not Found" is the only name.

Oh, internet where dreams go to die,
With pixel dust and a buffering sigh.
A digital tumbleweed blows on by,
In this dead corner of the online sky.

But fret not, user, don’t you bemoan,
The net’s vast expanse is still unknown.
Though this link's broken, lost in the maze,
There are other pages for better days.

But here you stand, in the 404 zone,
A moment's pause, before again you're thrown
Into the web’s vast expanse, go, dive,
Hoping the next click keeps your hope alive.