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The challenge

Our four legged friends are just as much a part of the family as any human, one key difference being that they can’t talk back. MyPetGo wanted to change this by creating the world's first Pet monitor. They chose Cohesion Labs to help build a cohesive and effective brand strategy and positioning that got to the heart of the matter, the audiences we'd need to target, and a brand ecosystem that would be scalable.

Our process

We worked together to profile relevant audiences across both our target customer, and our target retail partners to ensure that when the product was ready for sale, MyPetGo hit the ground running in homes and stores.

The philosophy of the brand is based around the love and affection shared with our pets, and the need to know what’s going on with them. We want them to communicate back.

Naming conventions and how customers would navigate the different parts of the product, either the app, the portal, the device itself all needed to be considered as part of this brief, a full suite was delivered for the organisation to scale out each of their marketing channels.

What we did

Brand Strategy

Analysis & Delivery that included trend research, personas, and more

Content Pillars

Including tangible subjects for the marketing team to use as guides throughout their different channels and audiences.

Vision, Purpose & Values

Guided by the ethos of the company, and the emotional needs of the audience, a vision, purpose and values framework was created to guide other strategic and tactical thinking.

Brand name ecosystem

While MyPetGo was set, the series of hardware, apps, partner sortware and other elements didn't have a cohesive plan, it needed one to ensure everyone was clear on who MyPetGo was, and what they needed to download or buy


Since relaunching Collett’s Mountain Holidays with Cohesion Labs assets and strategy, the company has seen 18% YoY growth. With a fresh look and feel to the brand, Collett’s is now bringing a whole new generation of travellers to the mountains - and ensuring the longer legacy of their brand.

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