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5 Oct 2023

Cohesion Labs turns five, gets a shiny new website

Cohesion Labs is Five. For five years, we'd quietly and brilliantly delivered brand projects for companies of all sizes and stages, and how we're ready to shout about them. While the current Cohesion Labs website does an adequate job, it doesn't reflect any of the incredible work our growing agency delivers.

So, in taking my own advice I elected to overhaul what we had and refresh it to reflect the much improved offer, quality and diversity of consultancy and creative we offer.

In 2018, Craig Stockwell (me) founded Cohesion Labs as a response to a frustration in the disconnect between design, brand, communications and marketing in small businesses. So often are startups and legacy businesses so completely siloed in their thinking that brand building, positioning and strategy is relegated to an afterthought in favour of getting literally anything at all out into the world.

Consumer of your media whether you're B2B, B2C or any other acronym you want to label (my recent favourite has been NFTSaaS, said with a completely straight face) yourselves, you are almost always selling something as a human, to another human(s). And humans like things that look and feel good. That's not something that's reserved for Apple, you can do it too.

Growing as an agency, as creatives and as a service:

Since our inception, we've aimed to deliver things consistently:

  • Great creative - Creativity and injecting meaning into things is what we do. We love it. And we do it across a huge variety of different disciplines to ensure whatever audience you're targeting with your messaging, it resonates personally and cohesively.

  • Great communication - in brutal honesty, we're not really interested in taking on work we're not a good fit for, it would be uncomfortable for us, and it would be very easy to get found out when we work so closely with our clients, so we'll always be honest if something isn't right, or if we feel like there's not enough information

  • Great value - we benchmark our rates against industry day rates, not hourly agency rates, often making us measurably more affordable than other agencies

I am immensely proud of what we've done, how we've done it and how our clients have responded to all the work we do.

So, I'd like to thank (in no particular order) the Cohesion Labs team who have made the last five years one hell of an adventure.

Tom, Fran, Christine, Toria, Charlotte, Lauren, Greg, Ana, Greg, Steve, Phil, Kevinjohn, Matt K, Matt W, you're all great and I wouldn't be here without you.

Craig Stockwell
CEO Cohesion Labs