Helping babies breathe clean air, with the world’s first portable air purifier for strollers and prams. 

Consumer Health

The challenge

Bubl came to Cohesion Labs as "Livable Orb" a company with an exciting, necessary product in development, and a big communications problem. With a forgetable name, and limited connection to its product - this company needed something new, a brand strong enough to match the founder’s ambitious vision for helping new parents protect their babies from air pollution.

This brand needed strong expression across all formats: digital executions, physical considerations like print and packaging, and social exploration were all required to ensure the company’s new identity could take them all the way. 

Our process

For this company, our most important job was renaming the brand, to ensure the new name could sustain the scope and ambition of the brand we were building. To achieve this, we rebuilt the company’s foundations, first by conducting extensive target audience research. This research captured customer responses to platform structures, tone of voice options and visual components, and helped us define a new brand personality piece - with a striking new vision, purpose, and values set at its heart. 

After identifying our primary launch audience as affluent, cosmopolitan city-based parents, we developed a brand identity and company name that relied on the calibre, reputation and minimalism of Swedish design. 

Once the company’s new name, "bubl" was proposed and agreed, Cohesion Labs secured all the domains and trademarks, then moved on to delivering the brand environment, and establishing launch channels. Part of our brand activation work - which included a new marketing video for bubl - involved putting bubl founder Conny front and centre, amplifying the passion and expertise behind the product.

What we did

Cohesion Labs delivered a full set of brand assets to bubl, to ensure they were ready to bring their product to market. This included:

Creative conceptualisation

Including new target market research to drive company renaming, and shape the rebrand of the company identity

Brand name, identity, and environment assets

including tone of voice guidelines, strategy and positioning resources

Brand assets

Including launch communications, visual signposting, social assets. A full photo and video shoot was scheduled in London with models

Posititioning and messaging

A full suite and detailed breakdown of company messaging, terminology, iconography, photography, devices and illustrations - to remove any possibility of ambiguity across platforms

Web and e-commerce design

WordPress front end with Shopify platform, payment gateway activation and user journey


Since launching, bubl has relied on the photography and videography assets delivered by Cohesion Labs and our supplier network, carrying forward their vision to provide clean air, for all. Their first sales and announcement of their partnership with Thule has hit the headlines as their steps for launching in the UK market takes place.

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