Providing faster, better pathways to identifying, monitoring and treating respiratory disease


The challenge

TidalSense started with a name that was hard to get out: Cambridge Respiratory Innovations. It was a name that really only spoke to medtech investors - but the company wanted to expand their reach to include a much broader, non-specialist audience. 

TidalSense needed to achieve large scale change at speed. In only a 12-week timeline, they wanted a new way of presenting themselves - and they needed something that would feel accessible and meaningful to investors, medical professionals, and patients alike.

Our process

This brand needed a fresh identity that could easily communicate a multi-part software and hardware ecosystem. With many moving parts - and ambitions for future expansion, TidalSense needed brand resources that would support them through an ambitious period of rapid growth.

We knew that renaming Cambridge Respiratory Innovations would play a major role in the company’s transformation. We conducted an exhaustive search of possible names - exploring options in Greek, Roman and Norse mythology, meteorology, and more. For TidalSense, the name emerged from the tech and its function: TidalSense references their patented CO2 sensing technology (N-Tidal), and signals the efficiency and reassurance that these groundbreaking tools offer. 

From there, we designed a suite of brand assets around the lines and shapes created by respiratory measurements. For TidalSense, the waveform is a versatile and identifiable core creative piece. With endless iterative potential, expressions of the waveform allow this company to represent both the extensive scope of their technology, and the range and individuality of the patients they serve.

What we did

In just 12 weeks, Cohesion Labs delivered a full set of brand assets to TidalSense, designed with user accessibility and future growth in mind. This included:

Audience profiling

To help TidalSense better understand who they were speaking to, and their expectations of what messages they needed to hear.

Brand name, identity, and environment assets

Including tone of voice guidelines, key messaging, brand personality and positioning resources and extensive research on potential name directions for the company.

Brand guidelines

Including tone of voice examples, style guides for imagery and presentations, social assets and core creative concepts.

A full suite of editable brand assets

Building different executions across different platforms for where the organisation is expecting to live.

UX/UI and complete website redesign

Up to implementation stage, TidalSense's own team implemented the development of the site itself.


From start to finish, the journey with Cohesion Labs was exceptional. 

Cohesion Labs demonstrated a great ability to truly understand our company's values and vision. They took the time to listen attentively (and patiently!) to our needs ensuring that every aspect of the branding process was aligned with our goals. Their dedication to capturing the essence of our brand was evident in every step they took. Their professionalism and commitment to delivering outstanding results were evident at every interaction. They managed the project with utmost dedication, meeting every deadline and delivering exceptional quality work on such a short notice.

Alla Kitov


The newly rebranded TidalSense has recently won a COGx startup award, and has secured and launched an NHS pilot for their COPD technology in Oxford. 

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