Cophi is changing how we understand our workplace relationships, how good, reliable and productive they really are.


The challenge

Cophi had a bright start, developing their core brand internally, it gave them enough to build a launch site that had the information they needed, but that's where it stopped.

For a software company that focused on people and their relationships, there was a lack of people, relationships, colour and life.

That's where Cohesion Labs stepped in, to build and iterate on the solid platform Cophi had started. We were to retain their logo, and their font, but everything else needed a creative overhaul. So their messaging, personality, colours and more were handed over for us to transform.

Our process

We began examining the platform itself, how people could and should navigate it and mapping that against what kind of customer archetypes Cophi needed to engage. We delivered a bright, impactful colour palette and accents with hand drawn illustrations that fitted well in marketing communications against the precise, data driven nature of the product itself.

With that understood, our core creative concept was born. The nodes and pathways that connect the assets (centre, below) , and the text boxes you see on the website, now help you navigate the brand in and out of the platform.

What we did

Creative conceptualisation

Reimagining the Cophi brand with more of a human touch, made it feel real and more than just a start-up

Brand Messaging & Identity

Including a future-forward development plan, and strategy papers for key messaging, and content marketing across print, email, and social platforms

Brand guidelines

Including colour, icon, photography guidance, and style guides for presentations.

Brand marketing assets

Every asset was delivered as a workable, editable asset, enabling Cophi to develop their own sales & marketing materials

Website Development

Reimagined the copy, sitemap, creative - and implemented it on a platform they were already using

Intranet / Instruction CMS

Built their CMS ready for tutorial videos and walkthroughs for users


Cophi is engaging leads and potential clients with their new materials, and clarified brand language. Since completing their brand work, enquiry volume has increased, and immediate work to the product itself has sparked creative changes that are increasing engagement with the tool, and the company.

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