Making on-demand diagnostics a reality with technology that helps medical practitioners see, quickly, what’s making their patients sick at the point of care.

Bio/Med Tech

The challenge

When Pictura Bio (then OxDx) approached Cohesion Labs, they had an unworkable name, groundbreaking technology, and a major problem capturing investors. To stand out in a notoriously crowded investment space, they needed a brand that effectively communicated the logic of their tech and its ecosystem, while still delivering a compelling and memorable message to investors.

With countless presentations and keynotes to deliver in the coming months, this company needed brand materials that were eye-catching, on message, and seamlessly connected.

Our process

We started by interrogating the technology, the category and the goals of what this company was going to deliver. Their new name, Pictura Bio, leads with what makes them different: their recognition technology paints and photographs respiratory samples as a new method for identifying pathogens. With redeveloped tie-in names for their hardware and software (VISTA and PIC-ID), we created a full ecosystem that worked in obvious harmony. 

The supporting design environment - which draws on the grid work and viewfinder imagery one would find in digital photography - visually reinforces this ecosystem, while also evoking the speed and precision Pictura Bio is offering.

Once the look, feel, and sound of this new core brand was established, Cohesion Labs readied the company for a fresh investment push with prestige assets: 3D renders of their hardware, logo animations, environment website redesign and a redeveloped key messaging strategy.

What we did

Cohesion Labs delivered a full suite of brand assets to Pictura Bio, including:

Brand name, identity, and environment assets

Tone of voice guidelines, strategy and positioning resources for the team to engage with and use throughout any promotional materials.

Brand assets

including launch comms (copy, photography, 3D renders and animations)

UI/UX Design and Build

Complete creation of the brand's website from design to implementation and management.

Branded ecosystem

PIC-ID, VISTa & Neural Network, each named to explain the role within the whole system Pictura is building.

Investor Materials

Collaboration & creation of the investor pitch deck Pictura used for their next round of funding including support on narrative, storytelling and

3D animation

Storyboarding, animatics and creation of the 3D animation that explains the technology.


With assets that finally communicate their groundbreaking vision for the future of medical technology, Pictura Bio recently secured DASA funding through the Point of Care Diagnostics at the Front Line competition, and will be developing a portable prototype of the AI-powered disease testing platform. 

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