Creating a brand that celebrates lab grown blood that treats disease.


The challenge

Scarlet Therapeutics are a biotech company based in Bristol. After the founding internationally renowned scientists confirmed that they had potentially created a method to transport therapeutic red blood cells that can treat disease, they needed a brand that they could represent them as they grew their team, took on investment and expanded into a laboratory of their own.

Our process

Red blood cells have a lifespan in the body of 120 days, when their role has finished, our body builds new ones and the cycle begins again. As this organisation is so laser focused on the red blood cell itself, it was the centre of where we started our creative research.

Leaning into the idea of cycles, and renewal. Our chosen brand device showed the disc-shape of a blood cell, whilst showing the idea of constant movement, and change.

For the colours a deep bluey indigo and a vibrant red that pierces through it lead a secondary palette of bright blues, greens and purples, each with their own role to play in highlighting information & visual signposting throughout the site and presentation design.

What we did

Creative conceptualisation

Delivering a core concept that the founding science team resonated with and believed in.

Brand guidelines

Iconography, photography treatment, brand extention and logo usage.

UI/UX & build

Full website build, from sitemap to implementation.

Presentation & Stationery

Building out the investor deck and other stationery to deliver the brand in full.


Scarlet Therapeutics start their journey to deliver lab grown blood that treats disease after announcing a further round of funding to bring their science to life. They continue to use Cohesion Labs for ad-hoc projects as and when they need.

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