Committed to helping others do good business, The Purpose Index helps companies enhance their ESG (environmental, social, governance) impact.

SaaS / Tech

The challenge

This client came to Cohesion Labs with an ambitious brief: ‘I want to organise the world’s purpose’. Together with venture studio Bamboo Orchard, we helped a visionary founder create both the product and the brand behind The Purpose Index: a company built to put personal purpose and corporate accountability back at the heart of business. 

To be able to ask challenging questions about corporate accountability and impact - and to foster change - the product and brand needed to be warm, engaging, and approachable.

Our process

Our approach built product and brand together, using commercial responsibility in ESG and personal purpose as core concepts. To create the company’s hopeful, calm, observational and accountable personality, we personified the brand with a character called Alex. Guiding users through their purpose and accountability journey, Alex is a fun presence across the entire brand environment, accompanied by bespoke illustrations and flourishes to make the brand feel unique, across digital and physical formats alike. 

What we did

In addition to helping define their product and brand, Cohesion Labs delivered a full set of brand launch resources to The Purpose Index. This included:

Creative conceptualisation

A collaborative process through which The Purpose Index got their name, and defined their product and brand identity

Brand identity assets

Including tone of voice guidelines, marcomms and copywriting

Product and platform build support

Brand positioning resources

Including strategy and partner collaboration papers

Brand collateral

Including video and animation, and an investor deck


The Purpose Index has evolved to focus more directly on internal communications - helping organisations communicate company progress and impact to its own staff, and measure staff perceptions of how well they’re doing.

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